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The World's Largest League of Sumo Wrestlers Creating Authentic Sumo Competitions

Discover the world's largest league of sumo wrestlers—the International Sumo League, also known as I-SUMO. We have wrestlers worldwide, and our goal is to produce authentic, unscripted sumo competitions.
We have been in business for over 14 years, and one of our biggest events was in Madison Square Garden, which drew close to 10,000 people and created over 180,000,000 media impressions worldwide. Learn more about our league and event schedules by browsing this website or contacting us.
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Discover the World of Sumo Wrestling

Sumo is an exciting, competitive, and full-contact wrestling sport with simple rules. In a match, a "rikishi" a wrestler will need to force the opponent out of a circular ring or "dohyo" to win. A wrestler can also claim victory by making his opponent touch the ground with any part of his body other than the soles of the feet.
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Sumo Wrestling

A Little About Sumo

Sumo originated in Japan over 1,500 years ago, written as 相撲 in Japanese characters, which literally means "striking one another." Since then, the sport has continuously grown to become an international sport with competitions in over 80 countries.
International Sumo League takes part in these events. We have wrestlers from all over the world, making us the largest league with the most participating countries
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