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The International Sumo League ©

The International Sumo League is a 21st century sports entertainment experience. Sumo wrestling is one of the oldest forms of martial arts and Japan’s national sport has been transformed into the next great International Sport and Entertainment Phenomena!  This ancient competition is now poised to become an international sensation through the utilization of today’s groundbreaking UHD 4k and Video technology.

Sumo is currently contested in more than 80 countries around the world and has a devoted international fan base. The success of our live Sumo events showcased around the country, as well as the HD television special that we produced at Madison Square Garden in New York for ESPN and ESPN2, support the growing excitement surrounding this sport.

The International Sumo League (I-SUMO) is a hybrid of sports and entertainment programming that appeals to a broad audience base.  The competition event we produced at Madison Square Garden drew close to 10,000 people and created over 180,000,000 media impressions worldwide. Highly enthusiastic and engaged audiences experienced an authentic and unscripted Sumo competition in a multi-media atmosphere with traditional Takeo drummers and flutes, dancers and a light and sound show.   


Please view the our video that will illustrate what we have historically produced:

 CLICK HERE TO SEE:     I - SUMO "Sizzle Reel"


We have created the International Sumo League (I-SUMO) as the governing body that oversees a stable of over one hundred of the best Sumo athletes representing over sixty (60) countries, including major Sumo stars from Japan and Mongolia. The size and power of Sumo athletes combined with the speed and athleticism of each bout makes Sumo the perfect sport for the 21st Century.


I-SUMO has a built-in fan base for this sport across Japan, Asia, Eastern Europe and Europe, as well as a growing group of enthusiasts in the United States. I-SUMO would like to tour in Middle East, Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia, China and India as well as Australia and Japan.


I-SUMO plans to hold a World Championship competition featuring the very best Sumo champions from around the World in a round robin competition.


I-SUMO has over eighty of the top Sumo wrestlers from all over the world under exclusive contract.  These are Sumo Champions from Japan, Mongolia, Germany, Russia, Fiji, Turkey, Georgia, Australia, Georgia, Iraq, Egypt, the United States and other countries from all over the World.

Our programs will highlight star Sumo athletes as iconic sports stars and celebrities. Sumo wrestling offers a unique opportunity to be featured as a dynamic and fast-paced television program, which will generate a new audience for this legendary sport and entertainment series.   Our programs will contain features on all aspects of Sumo wrestling including personal profiles on our Sumo wrestlers to build fan interest and following.

I-SUMO will host competition events in Europe, UK, Eastern Europe, Asia, India, Australia, and the Middle East.

What is Sumo?  Sumo has become an international sport with competitions in over eighty-four countries around the world.  Sumo originated in Japan over 1500 years ago, and is now studied and performed in over sixty countries around the world.  There are numerous reasons for the rapid growth of Sumo globally and it is positioned to become a mainstream, popular sport:

Sumo matches last under a minute.   There is a definite winner and loser for every match.  A complete Sumo competition (tournament) consists of over thirty matches of quick, action-packed entertainment with different personalities and styles.

The rules are very simple.  Either knock your opponent out of the Doyho (an eighteen foot in diameter circle), or knock him to the ground so that any part of his body touches the ground first.  There are no long or confusing rules; everyone understands what is happening from the beginning of the first match.

 The Sumo wrestlers are world-class athletes that demonstrate superior athletic ability.  The average Sumo athlete exhibits strength, quickness, agility, and strategy that create a compelling and entertaining competition.

Sumo epitomizes the ideals of good sporting behavior, class and the true nature of competition.  Opponents never intentionally try to injure, hurt, or embarrass each other.  Sumo is a sport for audiences of all ages and backgrounds – and it teaches good life-lessons.

I-SUMO has plans for a Sumo based reality show featuring the lives of Sumo and selecting the next great Sumo Champion.  We are developing an animated I-SUMO and Sumo cartoon series that will promote a full line of I-SUMO and sumo toy and computer products for children.